Every smart human being is ditching the “civilized” world to get closer to his roots in the “third world countries” . The Bank pioneered the movement relocating in western Africa (lagos) in early 2010, making a living playing weddings, hotels, eateries, corporate events and clubs.
The international Bankers’ meeting was the band best paying gig, but in order to get the sought after cash an account was mandatory, within the next minute they needed an address, a stay permit and a tax number, progress just got to Africa. Ten minutes later they named themself “THE BANK, spent their last $ on a rusty mini van and hit the road until a snow storm stopped them in Incline Village (NV) where they settled  few days offering their service at a local studio to survive. It was a stormy night when they pressed record, “upper class” was born. Spring was knocking at the door, snow melt, birds whistle beautiful melodies but the van hit the road again. Few month later Bear Funk records  found the forgotten recordings and signed the Bank straight away, ready?



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